MEGS patented design goes beyond the traditional eye drop solution to relieving the symptoms of chronic Dry Eye.  As a wearable solution, MEGS both relieve and protect eyes from immediate and future occurrences of symptoms.

Symptoms that range from fatigue, burning, dryness, excess tearing and itchiness to inflammation, severe pain and decreased vision.

These symptoms primarily present in patients diagnosed with Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), Dry Eye Syndrome, Blepharitis and other eye surface diseases.

Worn as a protective measure on a regular basis, MEGS keep eyes well-lubricated and shielded from outside irritants, resulting in a healthier tear film and a more productive you.

MEGs also relieve eyestrain, dry eyes, ocular fatigue and poor blinking habits associated with computer screen viewing. Additionally, these multi-use glasses provide excellent protection for those who play sports that require full eye coverage.

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Using seeFIT Megs has been a game changer for me. I spend hours every day in front of the computer, iPhone and iPad and after a few hours my eyes are burning and exhausted. I can now work comfortably and with clarity for the entire day. Eileen

Web Designer

My lively-hood, and that of my clients depends upon my reading and analyzing data quickly and correctly. By wearing the MEGS I am able to look at a screen with very long periods of time and not confuse numbers or symbols. In addition I no longer drive home with a headache after a long day.


Financial Analyst

MEGs – Patented design locks in ambient humidity to create a moisture-rich environment in which your eyes can maintain a stable and effective tear film. In effect, this environment helps relieve and prevent a variety of ocular surface disorders and ocular allergies by sustaining proper tear formation and blocking out irritating allergens as you work or play.

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